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Hey friends, today we have something really fun and brutal for you! Do you like to watch boxing? Now you can participate in it in this exciting new game! Boxing Star is the boxing simulation where you need to outbox your opponent and make him see the stars! You will start at the bottom, fighting on the streets and you will rise to the top boxing leagues to become the World Champion. Train hard as your fighter progresses from the mean streets to the World Championships in Story Mode! Arm yourself with custom gloves, combine them with your skills and knock the opponents out with a Mega Punch! You can fight against other players in League mode to prove you're the best there ever was! Champions are made in the ring! You can spend your winnings money to pimp out your luxurious crib, drive the fastest sports cars, and gather an entourage that will make your opponents jealous, while also giving you sweet bonuses to your play! To do all of this, you will need a lot of in-game currency, Gold. You can use our cheats to get the maximum out of this game.

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Do you want to know how to use our Boxing Star cheat tool? Well, it is pretty straightforward and simple. First, you will need to visit our website. There you will have a list of tasks that you need to complete before you can harvest your free Gold. You will gather points by downloading and trying out various apps from our partners and sponsors. You can exchange your collected points for free in-game Gold in our cheat interface. You can use it on every platform because this Boxing Star hack is working both on iOS and Android devices. Our experienced developers made sure you get your resources fast and secure. For more details, just watch our video tutorial that shows the exact step-by-step method.

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With Gold you can buy all sorts of powerful upgrades and abilities for your hero cards, so let's simplify it and see what are the best options to get you those sweet gold. If you are asking us how many Gold will you get with this method? We developed the best Boxing Star Hack that uses optimized system for earning bonus points. Our Boxing Star generator is capable of providing you 10000 Gold for every completed task. You will have enough money to fully upgrade your character boxing skills and get the best Boxing Star gloves ever.

About Boxing Star game

Boxing Star is an app produced and published by online and mobile games developer company FourThirtyThree Inc. You may know them for the games such as Ghostbusters World, Monsters Super League, Battle Boom, Mad Rocket Fog of War and others. Boxing Star was released for the iOS and Android devices. It was released globally in June 2018. This game is a free-to-play boxing sports simulations that allows you to duel players from all around the world in challenging boxing rings, win awards as you win the fights, and collect gold to unlock new boxing gloves and upgrade your skills to unleash your character’s unique boxing abilities. Smash your opponents in the arena and fight your way up to the top of the ranks. Spend your winnings money on the luxury items such as mansions, penthouses, luxury or fast sports cars and expensive clothing. Boxing Star is a free to play game and as such it doesn't require you to spend any money to fully enjoy. However, it is possible to buy game currency or special offers using real money via in-app purchases. Gold currency can be used to acquire products such as boxing gloves, equipment and skills that may help you progress faster. Game’s content rating is PEGI 12 for Moderate Violence. If you don't want to spend money on this game, you can just use our tool to hack Boxing Star.

Choose Your Favorite Player

Two trained boxers get into a boxing ring, square up against each other, and try to knock one another out with well-placed punches. Every game round of boxing features fighters that are using slick footwork, careful dodging, mind games, and feats of courage and skill. Boxing Star is bringing all of those elements to mobile with one of the best one on one fighters to be published to the small screen. You will have to climb the ranks as an amateur boxer and try to become a boxing legend. Our tips and tricks guide will push you to championship status in no time! While your journey to the top of the boxing ladder starts out simple enough, things soon get difficult for you as your boxer faces more skilled opponents in the higher leagues. If you are looking to succeed in every battle, you will need to adopt a strategy that is not being too predictable. Switch up your delivery of Jabs, Hooks, and Uppercuts. Sometimes it is the best to dance around your foe, become familiar with their tactics, and let them swing first so you can incapacitate them with Counter Punches. Remember Floyd Mayweather’s fight against Pacquiao. Once your opponent is dazed, lay into them with multiple uppercuts. And finally, activate your Hyper Skill ability while your opponent is in the middle of attacking. It will take time, skill and money to upgrade your boxer and his equipment. You can always use our Boxing Stars hack for free gold.

The Most Important Features:

We will walk you through some of the most important features of the Boxing Star. Gear represents the items the player character in Boxing Star can equip, including gloves and protective gear. Gear can be equipped and upgraded to higher grades by Mrs. Kim using parts. Gear grades include Common, Rare, Superior, Unique, Epic, Legendary and Omega Fusion. Gear can also be sold or dismantled. Mrs. Kim recommends that high grade gear be dismantled for parts instead of sold. You can later upgrade the other equipment with those parts. Willie is a character in Boxing Star who runs the shop. If you’re looking for buy some Parts, Gear, or other in-game currencies, go to Willie’s Shop. He has everything you need! His shop is available through the main menu, offers items and gear for sale, priced in the various currencies of Boxing Star or in real money. There are couple types of products in his store. Rotation is a set of items that is offered for a limited time before they are replaced by a new set. Limited items are specials that players can buy with real money for ongoing or limited time benefits. Packages are loot boxes and bags that contain random items. Supplies are Hyper Boosts and Energy Bars for sale. Hyper Boosts are an item in Boxing Star which can be purchased at the shop, can be used during breaks to maximize the hyper bar. Hyper Bar will help you in charging your Hyper Punch. Energy Bars are an item in Boxing Star, which can be purchased at the shop, can be used during breaks to recover HP after the fight. In Coin & Gold menu, gold currency can be used to purchase coins, and real money can be used to purchase gold. You can also use our cheat for free gold.