Type selection operating guide for electronic centrifugal switch

k8娱乐真人版官方网First of all, we need to know whether the voltage is 220V or 110V

k8娱乐真人版官方网Secondly, whether it is a double voltage motor or not. Generally, a double voltage motor selects the product of 110V

Next, the current Ics of the motor for starting is measured (see figure)

electronic centrifugal switch

k8娱乐真人版官方网According to the connection of the above figure, the power is set to the rated voltage, the motor is blocked and electrified, and the Isc displayed on the ammeter is recorded. And then the type selection is conducted in the selection table based on the recorded Isc.

k8娱乐真人版官方网(Pay attention to the selection of power and voltage)   (Single capacitor, namely YC motor, neglects motion capacitance)

Power&voltageRecorded Power

Electronic centrifugal

switch model

Applicable scope of voltage

Applicable frequency

110V0-250WREES-105P 85-135VAC 50/60HZ
110V300-1000WREES-120P85-135VAC 50/60HZ
110V1100-2000WREES-140P85-135VAC 50/60HZ
220V0-550WREES-205P160-260VAC 50/60HZ
220V600-2000WREES-220P160-260VAC 50/60HZ
220V2200-4300WREES-2240P160-260VAC 50/60HZ

k8娱乐真人版官方网The above electronic centrifugal switches are applicable for YC, YL series of the motor, without distinction between the pole 2,4,6,8 of the motor

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